What’s Still Open in Glacier?

Sep 06, 2017

You’re already here and still want to make the most of your Glacier vacation despite the wildfires and smoke, but are unsure of where to go and what to do?

Keep in mind, Glacier is over a million acres in size. There are still plenty of accessible places to enjoy and you can still travel the Going-to-the-Sun Road to Logan Pass. First, remember that air quality changes frequently. You can stay up-to-date with these great resources: 

Here’s our recommendations for activities and adventures still open: 

East Side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road

Logan Pass is open and accessible from the St. Mary Entrance to the Park, despite a portion being closed on the West Side. On the East Side, you’ll find great hikes like St. Mary and Virginia Falls, the iconic views of Wild Goose Island (pictured above), and many other spectacular opportunities for spotting wildlife and scenery. Guests staying on the West Side of Glacier National Park can travel Highway 2 to East Glacier, then take Highways 49 & 89 to get to the St. Mary Entrance.

Two Medicine

Trail Closures: All trails remain open

Trails to Try: 

  • Running Eagle Falls (< 1 mile)
  • South Shore Trail (7.5 mile loop or as far as you want to go)
  • Scenic Point (7.9 miles round-trip)
  • Firebrand Pass (10.2 miles round-trip)

Other things to do in the area: 

  • Glacier Park Boat Co. tours on Two Medicine Lake
  • Tour around East Glacier, visit the shops and restaurants
  • Visit historic Glacier Park Lodge and play a round of golf
  • Visit the Museum of the Plains Indian in Browning

Many Glacier

Trail Closures: All trails remain open

Trails to Try: 

  • Apikuni Falls (1.7 miles roundtrip)
  • Swiftcurrent Lake Nature Trail (2.5 mile loop)
  • Iceberg Lake (9.6 miles round-trip)
  • Ptarmigan Tunnel (10.5 miles round-trip)
  • Cracker Lake (12.5 miles round-trip)
  • Grinnell Glacier (10.3 miles round-trip)
Other things to do in the area: 
  • Glacier Park Boat Co. tour on Swiftcurrent Lake
  • Visit historic hotels in the area
  • Visit the village of St. Mary and grab a bite at the Snowgoose Grill inside St. Mary Lodge

St. Mary

Trail Closures: All trails remain open east of Logan Pass

Trails to Try: 

  • St. Mary Falls & Barring Falls (1.7 miles round-trip)
  • Otokomi Lake (10.8 miles round-trip)

Other things to do in the area: 

  • Glacier Park Boat Co. tour on St. Mary Lake
  • Visit St. Mary Lodge and grab the kids an ice cream cone and a delicious cocktail for yourself
  • Visit a picnic area on St. Mary Lake


Whitefish is 25 miles west of the Park and definitely worth the change of plans. Here, you’ll enjoy shops, restaurants, Whitefish Lake, Whitefish Trail and Whitefish Mountain Resort. More details about Whitefish can be found on our blog - 10 Fun Pit Stops in Whifefish

*note: images used are from optimal conditions, please check the webcams for current conditions

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