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Glacier National Park

Our History

About Glacier Park, Inc.

  • May 11, 1910 ~ President William Howard Taft signs a bill creating Glacier National Park
  • From 1910 to 1914 Louis Hill and the Great Northern Railway commissioned construction of nine chalets, Glacier Park Hotel, Many Glacier Hotel, and Prince of Wales Hotel
  • 1912 to 1914 ~ William and James Brewster set up a saddle horse, stagecoach, and motor vehicle concession to operate between tent/teepee camps. (Modern day Brewster Tours, Inc. is a sister company of Glacier Park, Inc. Refer to the About Viad section for additional information.)
  • June 15, 1913 Glacier Park Hotel opens (now known as Glacier Park Lodge)
  • 1914 ~ Great Northern Railway establishes the Glacier Park Hotel Company to manage their Glacier National Park operations
  • 1914 ~ Roe Emery founded Glacier Park Transportation Company with the financial backing of the White Motor Company to be the motorized tour concessioner in Glacier
  • June 14, 1914 Lewis Glacier Hotel opens (now known as Lake McDonald Lodge)
  • July 4, 1915 ~ Many Glacier Hotel opens
  • 1927 ~ Howard Hays takes over the Glacier Park Transportation Company
  • July 25, 1927 ~ Prince of Wales Hotel opens
  • 1929 ~ Great Northern Railway introduces the Empire Builder
  • 1933 ~ Going-To-The-Sun Highway officially opens (Highway term changes to Road in the 1950s)
  • 1932 ~ John Lewis sells Lewis Glacier Hotel to Great Northern Railway, who in turn, sells the hotel and surrounding acres to the National Park Service in return for a 20 year lease on the facilities
  • 1934 ~ Glacier Park Hotel Company opens Swiftcurrent Auto Cabins (now known as Swiftcurrent Motor Inn)
  • 1940 ~ Glacier Park Hotel Company opens East Glacier Auto Cabins at Roes Creek (now known as Rising Sun Motor Inn)
  • Post World War II ~ Glacier Park Hotel Company is renamed Glacier Park Company
  • 1955 Howard Hays sells his fleet of Red Buses to Glacier Park Company
  • 1956 ~ Village Inn at Apgar opens
  • 1957 ~ Great Northern Railway turns over management of Glacier Park Company to Donald T. Knutson who ran a construction company and owned hotels in Minnesota and North Dakota
  • December 1960 ~ Don Hummel, his brother, and Gail and Don Ford pay $1.4 million for Glacier Park Company and assume operation under the name Glacier Park, Inc.
  • February 1981 ~ Hummel sells Glacier Park, Inc. to Greyhound Food Management of Phoenix, AZ.
  • 1981 to Present ~ Glacier Park, Inc. operates as its parent company evolves: 1930 - The Greyhound Corporation; 1971 - Greyhound Corporation moves to Phoenix from Chicago; 1990 - Greyhound Corporation renamed Greyhound Dial Corp; 1991 - Greyhound Dial Corp renamed The Dial Corp; Feb. 1996 - Dial Corp separates into two independent companies: The Dial Corporation and Viad Corp; 1996 to present Viad Corp is Glacier Park, Inc.'s parent company